“Uljas uusi maailma” is out now!

Rejoice, Gods of Thunder, for Kuolemanlaakso's monolith "Uljas uusi maailma" is unleashed upon this world today in CD Digibook, gatefold LP w/ an 8-page booklet, Limited Edition gatefold LP (white with gray marble) w/ 8-page booklet and mp3 formats. You can listen to the full album for free at Record Shop X for one week. Record Shop... Continue Reading →

Kuolemanlaakso Signs With Svart Records, New Video Online

So it begins. We have inked a deal with Finland's finest, Svart Records. Our debut album, "Uljas uusi maailma", will be released as a digital download, a digibook cd with a 24-page booklet, a limited edition gatefold "white with gray marble" vinyl with a 8-page giant booklet and a standard edition gatefold vinyl on November... Continue Reading →

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