“Kuusumu” Out Now!

After eight long years since Tulijoutsen (2014), we are extremely proud to unleash Kuusumu (2022) upon the world. Up till now it has been "our" album, now it's yours. May it cast a ray of joy to people in these devastating times. Even though our art is dark and bleak, our message is of hope.... Continue Reading →

“Surusta meri suolainen” Single Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds

"Surusta meri suolainen", the crushing third single from "Kuusumu" was unleashed upon the world today. The lyrics are inspired by the Justinian plague, that broke out in Europe in 541. "There were so many corpses laying around in the streets of Constantinople in 542 that the Byzantine emperor Justinian I asked his subordinates to pile the... Continue Reading →

“Tulessakävelijä” Single & “Kuusumu Mini Documentary, Part 1” Out Now

The Finnish death-doom spearhead Kuolemanlaakso have released the second single from their upcoming album Kuusumu. “Tulessakävelijä is the album’s massive closing track. Musically it explores heavy and oriental atmospheres. The chorus line ‘Pilvistä verta sataa’ (‘Blood is falling from the clouds’) refers to Chinese texts from the mid-530s which depict people actually believing it was raining blood.... Continue Reading →

Kuolemanlaakso Releases a Tripel Beer

Kuopio-based talents Iso-Kallan Panimo and Kuolemanlaakso have joined forces and created a treat for beer enthusiasts."Katkeruuden malja", named after Kuolemanlaakso's new single, is a Belgian-style tripel, often referred to as a monastery beer. It is a light-colored, strong and soft beer with a pleasant warmth of alcohol. Remember to consume with caution as has a... Continue Reading →

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