New Reviews Online

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A long list of “Uljas uusi maailma” reviews has been added to the Releases & Reviews section.

Don’t forget: we’re playing in Lutakko, Jyväskylä, on January 25, 2013, with Church of Void. Get your tickets here.

New Kuolemanlaakso Merch Available

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We’ve just got some hellacool t-shirts from the factory today. They will be available at our shows, and Record Shop X (shipping worldwide). Here’s a few sneak peaks for ya (click the pics):


“Uljas uusi maailma” #6 on the Rumba Chart!

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Kuolemanlaako‘s debut album “Uljas uusi maailma” climbed its way to number six on the Rumba Independent Record Store Chart in Finland. Thank you very, very much for the support, and keeping the underground metal scene alive!

Top 10 November 22-28.2012:
(last week’s position in the parentheses)
1. (1.) ERI ESITTÄJIÄ: Vain elämää
2. (-) REIJO TAIPALE: Elämän virta – 15 unohtumatonta sävelmää
3. (9.) ROBIN: Chillaa
4. (2.) LED ZEPPELIN: Celebration Day
5. (6.) ERIN: Hunningolla
6. (-) KUOLEMANLAAKSO: Uusi uljas maailma
7. (19.) RIHANNA: Unapologetic
8. (4.) JESSE KAIKURANTA: Vie mut kotiin
9. (-) VIP: Palaneet sillat
10. (20.) CHEEK: Sokka irti

View the whole chart >> here <<.

Edit: Kuolemanlaakso debuted at #42 on Finland’s Official Album Chart.

“Uljas uusi maailma” is out now!

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Rejoice, Gods of Thunder, for Kuolemanlaakso‘s monolith “Uljas uusi maailma” is unleashed upon this world today in CD Digibook, gatefold LP w/ an 8-page booklet, Limited Edition gatefold LP (white with gray marble) w/ 8-page booklet and mp3 formats.

You can listen to the full album for free at Record Shop X for one week.

Record Shop X‘s exclusive CD/LP +  CD/LP + T-shirt bundles are running out fast. This “In League with Leino” design  will never be available anywhere else.  Thank you for the support!

Exclusive Limited Edition CD/LP + T-Shirt Bundle Available

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Record Shop X offers an exclusive limited edition Kuolemanlaakso CD/LP + T-shirt bundle. This two-sided shirt is not available anywhere else, and it is not sold separately, so if you want it, this is your chance to get it.

To Record Shop X’s bundle >>

Kuolemanlaakso exclusive t-shirt for Record Shop X

First reviews are online

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The first “Uljas uusi maailma” reviews have found themselves on the miraculous world of the Internet. They can be found under the Releases section.

Forget ‘A Map Of All Our Failures” by My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost’s ‘Tragic Idol’, because ‘Uljas Uusi Maailma’ by Kuolemanlaakso is THE doom metal album of this year.”

9,5 / 10, Raymond Westland,


Kuolemanlaakso Signs With Svart Records, New Video Online

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So it begins. We have inked a deal with Finland’s finest, Svart Records.

Our debut album, “Uljas uusi maailma“, will be released as a digital download, a digibook cd with a 24-page booklet, a limited edition gatefold “white with gray marble” vinyl with a 8-page giant booklet and a standard edition gatefold vinyl on November 23rd, 2012. For additional details, click this.


We also signed a booking deal with RedBerg Agency, and have a few shows coming up shortly. Wanna see us live?

Check out our brand new music video for “Minä elän“, directed by Riot Unit‘s Sami “Mami” Jämsén, who was also in charge of our promotional photos.

Woodshed Session Complete & Studio Diary Online

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Kuolemanlaakso has finished recording the instrument tracks for their upcoming debut album at V. Santura‘s (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) Woodshed Studio in Enghof, Germany. The vocals will be captured on tape in the near future in Finland.

It’s been a pleasure working with Mr. Santura. We had, of course, high expectations of his talents as a producer and a master of sound, but the flawlessness of our cooperation just blew us away. The album will sound absolutely crushing, and we’ve had a helluva time making it“, states guitarist-songwriter Laakso.

Read the first studio diary entries.

Kuolemanlaakso Enters Woodshed Studio

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We are thrilled, proud and honoured to announce that Kuolemanlaakso will record its debut full-length at V. Santura‘s (Triptykon, Dark FortressWoodshed Studio, in Enghof, Germany, starting February 1st, 2012. In addition to recording, Mr. Santura will also co-produce, mix and master the album.

The album will feature eight tracks of epic darkness and musical despair, recited in Finnish. At this point, we do not have a release date as we haven’t started negotiating with record labels yet. The shadow will grace the face of the earth this year, one way or the other…

Keep checking the site for updates from the studio. The first mark has been carved.