Laakso’s Photography Exhibition “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” Is Up and Running in Kuopio, Finland

Kuolemanlaakso’s founder, guitarist/keyboardist Laakso has been shooting rock stars for a decade for music magazines as well as for personal pleasure. “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” is his first solo exhibition. It features live shots from clubs and festivals as well as portraits from backstages, bars, hotels and tour busses. Some of the pictures have been previously published in magazines, but many of them have never before seen the light of day.

The facade of Laakso's "Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars" photo exhibition. Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, Finland.
The facade of Laakso’s “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” photo exhibition. Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, Finland.

Music is channeling different emotions to the listener through artistic expression. This is what I aim to achive with my pictures, too. I try to reflect the artist’s music through my photographs, as well as capture something real about his or her persona: strenght, sauciness, vulnerability. Same as in music, capturing the emotion is the key element, states Laakso.

“Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” features shots of KISS, Dimmu Borgir, Jeff Hanneman, Ronnie James Dio, Phil Anselmo, Triptykon, Metallica and beyond. The exhibition is held at Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, from August 19 to September 30, 2014. The pictures are available for purchase, framed and signed by Laakso.

Join the Facebook event. For additional details and inquiries, email Laakso at markus.laakso(at)


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