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Kuolemanlaakso Enters Studio for Album Number III

Posted in News on June 11, 2021 by kuolemanlaakso

We are extremely thrilled, proud and excited to announce that we have entered Studio 33, Kuopio, to record the drums and rhythm guitars for the long overdue follow-up to our top ten charting second album “Tulijoutsen” (2014) – coincidentally on the sixth day of the sixth month for six days.

As the Fugees star Pras once rapped: “The supreme dream team always up with the schemes.” We have once again joined forces with our longtime friend and ally V. Santura who has co-produced, mixed and engineered our entire back catalogue. Heavyweight lullabies.

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Yours doomly,

the Kuolemanlaakso delegation

From left to right: Tiera (drums), Kouta (guitars), V. Santura (production), Usva (bass) & Laakso (guitar). Kotamäki (vox) will join us later.
Picture by Markus Laakso.

Intermezzo Infernalis Tour, Doom Over Finland

Posted in News on August 27, 2018 by kuolemanlaakso

Kuolemanlaakso is set to end its long overdue live hiatus, and return on stage in November, 2018. The four-date Intermezzo Infernalis Tour 2018 will kick off from Seinäjoki on November 23rd, and end with a bang at December Doom, Vol. 2 event in Vantaa.

The name of the tour is an obvious reference to an interlude between two eras. We truly needed the break, but the hunger to get back on stage is evergrowing“, states guitarist Laakso.

Band’s latest epic Tulijoutsen (2014) debuted at #10 on Finland’s Official Album Chart. It was named one of the best albums of its release year in numerous publications, including Soundi, Inferno and Kaaoszine.

Svart Records release a Deluxe CD+DVD reissue of Tulijoutsen in January. It includes the album, a bonus track, Musta aurinko nousee EP, Tulijoutsen – In Memoriam documentary (63 min) and all the band’s music videos.

23.11. Bar 15, Seinäjoki
24.11. Ottopoika, Kuopio
30.11. Katse, Jyväskylä
1.12. December Doom, Vol. 2, Vernissa, Vantaa


Kuolemanlaakso to Perform at December Doom Vol. 2 in Vernissa, Vantaa

Posted in News on June 7, 2018 by kuolemanlaakso

Kuolemanlaakso will finally end its long live show hiatus. The band will be performing at December Doom Vol. 2, Vernissa, Vantaa, alongside with October TideThroes of Dawn, and others. Advance tickets are available at Liveto (15 € + handling).

We’ve been inactive since New Year’s Eve, 2016, so, as one can imagine, we’re hungry, ready and willing to hit the stage again. We never intended the pause to last this long, but hey, we’re a doom band; what’s the rush? December Doom marks our first ever show in Vantaa, the birthplace of Usva (bass) and I, and we’re looking forward to playing at the legendary Vernissa with a killer lineup. It will be a night to remember,” promises guitarist Laakso.

October Tide
(special “Rain Without End” show)
Throes of Dawn
 (special “Quicksilver Clouds” show)
+ tba

Join the Facebook event for additional information and discussion here.

Tulijoutsen Deluxe Edition CD+DVD Out Now

Posted in News on February 7, 2018 by kuolemanlaakso

Finnish death doom heavyweights Kuolemanlaakso have released a Deluxe Edition of their 2014’s highly acclaimed monolith Tulijoutsen. The package includes the complete 2013 studio recordings as well as a DVD including music videos and a brand new 63-minute Tulijoutsen – In Memoriam documentary, directed by guitarist Laakso.

“Raadot raunioilla” (bonus track)
Musta Aurinko Nousee EP

Tulijoutsen – In Memoriam documentary (63 min)
Music videos:
– “Minä elän*”
– “Ikiuni*”
– “The World’s Intolerable Pain**”
– “My Last Words**”
* From Uljas uusi maailma
** From Laakso’s solo album M. Laakso, Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes

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Tulijoutsen Deluxe Edition

Tulijoutsen and Musta aurinko nousee EP have been sold out for a long time, so instead of just re-printing them, we wanted to give our fans as much value for their money as possible. And what better way to do that than to travel back in time with our listeners sitting in the front seat of the DeLorean?”, states Laakso.

The documentary contains footage from the recording sessions of Uljas uusi maailma, Musta aurinko nousee and Tulijoutsen, previously unseen live footage and freshly conducted interviews with all the band members as well as longtime producer V. Santura, the guitarist of Triptykon and Dark Fortress.

The Deluxe Edition also features a 24-page booklet with revamped artwork,
previously unreleased photos and new liner notes.

“This is the definite Tulijoutsen release, a homage to an end of an era. We’re proud and privileged to finally unleash it, as it took forever to complete. I’m sure that our fans will appreciate the package, as the documentary reveals a lot of secrets behind the songs as well as new insight to what goes on behind the scenes”, Laakso promises.

Tulijoutsen entered Finland’s Official Album Chart at #10. It was named one of the best albums of 2014 in numerous magazines in Finland and abroad.

Kuolemanlaakso Set Release Date for “M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes”

Posted in News on June 8, 2016 by kuolemanlaakso

On August 26th, Kuolemanlaakso are back, unlike you’ve never heard them before! As the title aptly implies, M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes is the first solo album of Kuolemanlaakso mastermind Laakso. It showcases his songwriting catchier and more varied than ever, and it shall be released internationally by Svart Records.

“Kuolemanlaakso started out as my one-man solo project, which quickly escalated into a full-action monster with shows in the biggest clubs and metal festivals around Finland. As our singer Kotamäki will be occupied with Swallow the Sun’s touring duties for a long time, I finally had the opportunity to record an actual Kuolemanlaakso solo album,” Laakso rejoices.

Kuolemanlaakso: "M. Laakso - Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes"Compared to the previous Kuolemanlaakso releases, a lot has changed and much has stayed the same. For starters, M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes is not a death-doom album. While the trademark heaviness, gloominess, and melancholy are still solidly present, the color palette is vastly wider. The album is a journey through a wide range of emotions steered by nyctophilia: love for the dark. Whereas Uljas uusi maailma (2012), Musta aurinko nousee (EP, 2013) and Tulijoutsen (2014) were compared to acts such as Celtic Frost, My Dying Bride, and Ajattara, one might hear echoes of Sisters of Mercy, Tiamat, Paradise Lost, and Amorphis on this release. What’s also different is the language, and using Laakso as the lead vocalist.

“I chose to do these songs in English, as they demanded a more musical language than Finnish. However, Finnish will always remain the only official language of the non-solo Kuolemanlaakso albums,” Laakso promises.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Woodshed Studio, Germany, by V. Santura, with whom Kuolemanlaakso have worked with since the very beginning of their recording career. Santura also acts as a guitarist and backing vocalist of this special lineup, consisting of him and Kuolemanlaakso members Laakso (vocals, guitar, keys), Tiera (drums), and Usva (bass). The album also features guest performances by Mikko Kotamäki (Kuolemanlaakso, Swallow the Sun), Helena Haaparanta (Crimfall, Valo), and Jaani Peuhu (Iconcrash).

Listen to the first single “Roll the Dice with the Devil”, featuring Kotamäki and Peuhu on backing vocals.

Kuolemanlaakso’s latest album Tulijoutsen debuted at #10 on Finland’s Official Album Chart. It made notable appearances on the Album of the Year lists in Finland’s leading music publications, including Inferno, Soundi,, and UK’s Soundscape Magazine chose it as the Top #1 Album of 2014.

Svart Records will release M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes on red and black vinyl (limited to 200 and 300 pieces), digital download, mini-gatefold CD, and limited-edition artbook CD (500 pieces) on August 26, 2016. The artbook includes an exclusive bonus track and a 24-page booklet with handwritten lyrics, photographic art, and exclusive liner notes for each song, all crafted by Laakso himself.



Kuolemanlaakso Hits the Stage After a Long Break

Posted in News on April 4, 2016 by kuolemanlaakso

Kuolemanlaakso will perform at Virgin Oil, Helsinki, on June 18, 2016, with epic metallers Crimfall. Not only is this Kuolemanlaakso’s first live ceremony since August 2015, it is also the official comeback show of Crimfall, who are set to release their third album

Do not miss this special night as Kuolemanlaakso will only do a very limited amount of shows this year.

Kuolemanlaakso to perform at Kuopio RockCock, Laakso pens a book

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Kuolemanlaakso will be headlining the “Puistolava” stage at Kuopio RockCock festival in their hometown on August 1, 2015. The band will play only a very small amount of shows in 2015, this being the first – and possibly the only – one of them. The lineup also includes Accept, Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Leila K, Turmion Kätilöt and numerous others.

We’ve never performed at the biggest musical event of Kuolemanlaakso’s hometown, so it’s an honor for us to have the opportunity to headline the ‘Puistolava’. After the event we will start focusing on the Era III of the band, so do not miss out on this rare performance. As John F. Kennedy once said: ‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future’“, hints guitarist Laakso.

amorphis-kirja_kansiThe recent years, and especially the first half of 2015, have been busy for Laakso as he penned the official biography of the Finnish metal giants Amorphis for Like Kustannus.

The 400-page hardback will be released in Finland (so far in Finnish only) officially on August 20, 2015, and on July 15, 2015, if you order it from Levykauppa Äx. Book + t-shirt bundles are also available.

Order the book / book + t-shirt bundles >>

Laakso Is Officially Endorsed by Ibanez Guitars

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Levytukku Oy has adopted Kuolemanlaakso‘s main songwriter Laakso to the Ibanez Guitars family. Ibanez’s have been an integral part of the Kuolemanlaakso sound since the beginning of the band.

Ibanez guitars have been my favorite tools ever since I bought my first one back in 2000. It is a humbling honor to start the official collaboration with the brand. I’m confident that the fresh alliance will take the all-crushing Kuolemanlaakso sound to even further heights“, states Laakso.


Kuolemanlaakso to Open for HIM at Helldone Festival on New Year’s Eve – SOLD OUT!

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Helldone MMXIV

Kuolemanlaakso has been invited to open for Finland’s biggest music import HIM at Helsinki’s Helldone Festival, Tavastia, on New Year’s Eve, 31.12.2014. The annual three-day event feature special guests as well as performances by bands handpicked by Ville Valo, as usual. The tickets for the HIM and Kuolemanlaakso night, as well as three-day VIP packages, sold out in a matter of minutes.

It is a great honor and a privilege to open for HIM, as they are a mutual favorite of ours, and Helldone is truly a special event with an atmosphere unlike any other. Who knows, maybe we’ll have something special up our sleeves as well“, hints guitarist-keyboardist Laakso.

Dates: December 29-31, 2014

Dec 29: Paradise Lost (UK), The 69 Eyes
Dec 30: Children Of Bodom, Reckless Love
Dec 31: HIM, Kuolemanlaakso

There will be special guests and truly rare performances spread out over all three nights.

Doors open: 8 p.m.
Closing time: 3 a.m. (except Wed 31 Dec 4 a.m.)
Venue: Tavastia Club & Semifinal
Address: Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Age limit: strictly 18 years and over only (no exception even accompanied by parents etc.)

Ticket price: 60 € (Dec 29 & 30), 70 € (Dec 31) + possible order processing fees
There will also be a limited amount of three day VIP ticket for 250 € + possible order processing fees.
VIP package includes: Laminated Helldone 2014 VIP pass and wristband with logo. Early entry into VIP launce/balcony (incl VIP bar) 30 min before doors open to hall. Numbered Helldone limited edition autographed collectible poster. Helldone 2014 VIP festival t-shirt either Men: S – XXL or Girly: S – L. Helldone 2014 festival bag. Glass of bubbly to celebrate New Year. VIP packages available for collection on site during the event. Detailed instructions will be sent to buyers via e-mail.

The tickets will be on sale at all Tiketti outlets. Tickets can be reserved through the call center +358108431611, reservation time 2 days. Tickets will be available on Mon 8 Sep at 12:00 CET (13:00 local time). Ticket limit: max 2 tickets per customer per night. The tickets are personal. They will be named at the time of purchase, and the identity of the ticket owner will be verified when entering the venue.

Laakso’s Photography Exhibition “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” Is Up and Running in Kuopio, Finland

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Kuolemanlaakso’s founder, guitarist/keyboardist Laakso has been shooting rock stars for a decade for music magazines as well as for personal pleasure. “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” is his first solo exhibition. It features live shots from clubs and festivals as well as portraits from backstages, bars, hotels and tour busses. Some of the pictures have been previously published in magazines, but many of them have never before seen the light of day.

The facade of Laakso's "Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars" photo exhibition. Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, Finland.

The facade of Laakso’s “Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” photo exhibition. Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, Finland.

Music is channeling different emotions to the listener through artistic expression. This is what I aim to achive with my pictures, too. I try to reflect the artist’s music through my photographs, as well as capture something real about his or her persona: strenght, sauciness, vulnerability. Same as in music, capturing the emotion is the key element, states Laakso.

“Gods, Heroes and Fragile Stars” features shots of KISS, Dimmu Borgir, Jeff Hanneman, Ronnie James Dio, Phil Anselmo, Triptykon, Metallica and beyond. The exhibition is held at Kauppakeskus Apaja, Kuopio, from August 19 to September 30, 2014. The pictures are available for purchase, framed and signed by Laakso.

Join the Facebook event. For additional details and inquiries, email Laakso at markus.laakso(at)