Kuolemanlaakso Enters Studio for Album Number III

We are extremely thrilled, proud and excited to announce that we have entered Studio 33, Kuopio, to record the drums and rhythm guitars for the long overdue follow-up to our top ten charting second album “Tulijoutsen” (2014) – coincidentally on the sixth day of the sixth month for six days.

As the Fugees star Pras once rapped: “The supreme dream team always up with the schemes.” We have once again joined forces with our longtime friend and ally V. Santura who has co-produced, mixed and engineered our entire back catalogue. Heavyweight lullabies.

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Yours doomly,

the Kuolemanlaakso delegation

From left to right: Tiera (drums), Kouta (guitars), V. Santura (production), Usva (bass) & Laakso (guitar). Kotamäki (vox) will join us later.
Picture by Markus Laakso.


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