“Surusta meri suolainen” Single Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds

“Surusta meri suolainen”, the crushing third single from “Kuusumu” was unleashed upon the world today. The lyrics are inspired by the Justinian plague, that broke out in Europe in 541.

There were so many corpses laying around in the streets of Constantinople in 542 that the Byzantine emperor Justinian I asked his subordinates to pile the carcasses on ships, transport them to the open sea and throw them overboard. After a while the waves brought these putrid bodies back to shore as human rafts. The title translates to ‘Sea Salty of Sorrow’, which refers to the tears of those who lost their loved ones“, states songwriter-guitarist Laakso.

Lyric video by Riku Jokinen.

P.S. The second episode of “Kuusumu Mini Documentary” is out now, too!


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