Kuolemanlaakso Releases a Tripel Beer

Kuopio-based talents Iso-Kallan Panimo and Kuolemanlaakso have joined forces and created a treat for beer enthusiasts.”Katkeruuden malja”, named after Kuolemanlaakso’s new single, is a Belgian-style tripel, often referred to as a monastery beer.

It is a light-colored, strong and soft beer with a pleasant warmth of alcohol. Remember to consume with caution as has a sly kick (9% alcohol).

Katkeruuden malja by Iso-Kallan Panimo. Pic: Riku Jokinen.

We are thrilled with this partnership, and can’t wait for you to taste ‘Katkeruuden malja’. We didn’t want to go with just any beer and make a bulk product for a quick buck. As with music, it’s always quality over quantity“, states the band.

“Katkeruuden malja” is currently available at Iso-Kallan Panimo’s store. It is also available for restaurants to order. If you wish to enjoy the beer at your favorite restaurant, ask the staff to order it in. Cheers!