“Tulessakävelijä” Single & “Kuusumu Mini Documentary, Part 1” Out Now

The Finnish death-doom spearhead Kuolemanlaakso have released the second single from their upcoming album Kuusumu.

Tulessakävelijä is the album’s massive closing track. Musically it explores heavy and oriental atmospheres. The chorus line ‘Pilvistä verta sataa’ (‘Blood is falling from the clouds’) refers to Chinese texts from the mid-530s which depict people actually believing it was raining blood. It seems more likely that a volcanic eruption, which blackened and cooled the sun for a year and a half, colored the rain blood-red with its ash”, states guitarist-songwriter Laakso.

The orchestration, reminiscent of the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, was conjured up by Aleksi Munter (ex- Swallow the Sun, ex-Insomium, ex- Ghost Brigade), who produced, performed and co-wrote Kuusumu’s keyboards. The lyric video was made by Hans-Peter Weckman.

Listen to Tulessakävelijä on your favorite digital platform.

To celebrate the release, Kuolemanlaakso has filmed a mini documentary series covering the album. On the first episode drummer Tiera discusses his drum parts and thoughts about the record.

Kuusumu is Kuolemanlaakso’s first album in eight years and their most versatile work to date. In addition to the traditional Kuolemanlaakso heaviness, the album contains fast and bombastic material. The album was co-produced, mixed, mastered, and engineered by the Triptykon and Dark Fortress guitarist V. Santura, with whom the band has worked with on all of their releases. The female vocals were performed by Lotta Ruutiainen from Luna Kills. Kuusumu will be released in CD and digital/streaming formats on March 4th, 2022 via Svart Records, with the vinyl following on July 29th.

PRE-ORDER the album from Svart Records or Record Shop X.


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